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  Specialization in Sales and Digital Marketing

Part Time11 MonthsStarts June 2018 (limited seats)INR 1,44,500 + Taxes

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Become an IMT Ghaziabad Alumni

Complete all courses successfully and receive the Post-Graduate Certificate. Become a part of the 10,000+ community of management leaders with the PG Alumni status from IMT Ghaziabad. You also get access to the IMT Campus, Labs and their Alumni Job portal. 

Why this Program?

Career Growth & Support

  • Get recognized as an alumnus of one of India’s top-ranked MBA college and also access to IMT Ghaziabad alumni job portal.
  • Land jobs at top companies through our 1:1 industry mentoring, CV & interview preparation, mock hiring tests and UpGrad’s career support with its industry partners.
  • Guaranteed 20 internship in digital marketing for younger professionals at disruptive digital companies.

Industry Relevant Curriculum & Offline Networking

  • Become future ready by mastering the concepts through 13 industry designed case studies and projects, 2 live projects and 3 mentorship sessions.
  • Participate in offline Base Camps and 3 meetups with peers, industry leaders, and faculty to grow your network.
  • Exclusive two-day workshop at IMT Ghaziabad campus on social media, analytics, CRM and soft skills, complementary for our top 50 performers

Easy and Flexible Learning

  • Earn credentials while staying on the job.
  • Access the content through the website and mobile app anywhere anytime.
  • No final exams.

Program Vitals

Program Fee

Rs. 1,44,500 + Taxes
EMI starts at INR 5,952/- month.

EMI Plans

Course Duration

Nov'18 - Oct'1911 months

We recommend

7-8 hoursper week

Why IMT Ghaziabad?​​​​​​​

Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (IMT G) has been consistently ranked as one of India’s Top 10 B-Schools.

IMT Ghaziabad has been alma mater to more than 300 C-suite executives like Sumit Sehgal (Chief Marketing Officer, INTEX), Dev Amritesh (President & Chief Operating Officer, Dunkin’ Donuts India Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd), Prashant Pandey (General Manager & Director of Marketing, GSK Consumer Healthcare ), to name a few.

IMT G alumni have also served in the senior leadership positions in sales and marketing in reputed organizations like Google, Genpact, Ashok Leyland, Citibank, Zomato and many more across the globe. 

Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay, Director IMTG

“We are delighted to have partnered with UpGrad, a leading and popular platform for online education, to offer our Sales and Marketing programme. The programme will be delivered on a new technology platform to create a superior learning experience for participants who want to be on the cutting edge of the specialisations.
With this program, IMTG seeks to the next generation of leading sales and marketing professionals.”

Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay

Director, IMT Ghaziabad

Program Syllabus

11 Courses10 Months

Consumer Behaviour

  • Introduction to the Study of Consumer Behavior & Models
  • Consumer Decision Making Process
  • Psychological Influences on Consumer Decision Making
  • Motivation, Perception, Learning, Attitude & Beliefs

Fundamentals of Marketing:

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • STP
  • Marketing Mix or 4P's
  • Elements of a Brand

Evolution of Sales and Marketing:

  • Fundamentals of Sales
  • Sales Management
  • Digitalization Impact on Sales

Research Design and Secondary Research:

  • Research Design
  • Secondary Research

Primary Research:

  • Qualitative Research: Classic and Contemporary methods
  • Quantitative Reseach: Survey Design
  • Quantitative Reseach: Measurement
  • Quantitative Reseach: Sampling and Experimentation

Skill for Effective Leadership:

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Non-verbal communication and body language
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Verbal Communications and Speeches
  • Managerial Writing

Build a personal Brand:

  • Personal Brand Vision & Defining of the target audience
  • Building of assets for personal branding
  • Monitoring your brand

Television, Radio and Print Marketing Channels:

  • Television and Radio Advertising
  • Print Publication Advertising

Event and Outdoor Marketing Channels:

  • Event Marketing
  • Outdoor Advertising 

Social Media Marketing:

  • Establishing a brand's social identity
  • Formulating Social Media Strategy
  • Measuring and Optimising Social Media Performance
  • Social Media Ad Platforms Walkthrough
  • Social Media Management and Listening Tools Walkthrough

Search Engine Optimization Event Marketing:

  • Creating an SEO Strategy
  • Performing an SEO audit
  • Executing SEO Strategy
  • Analysing SEO Gaps and Optimise

Accounting Statements and Ratio Analysis (Basics of Finance and Accounting):

  • Importance of accounting for managers
  • Asset, Liability, Equity, Revenue and Expense
  • Accounting equation and recording accounting transactions
  • Financial regulations
  • Balance Sheet - details of shareholder equity, liabilities and assets
  • P&L Statement - details of revenue, expense and profit
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Ratio Analysis - liquidity, solvency, profitability and efficiency

Capital Budgeting and Cost of Capital:

  • Present and Future Values of annuities
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Risk Analysis (sensitivity/scenario)

Working Capital (Product Performance):

  • Working Capital
  • Inventory Management
  • Receivable Management

Channel Design:

  • Channel Objectives
  • Effect of Product Characteristics on Channel Design
  • Evaluation of Alternatives
  • Distribution Channels Segmentation
  • Designed Channel Implementation

Channel Structure and Functions :

  • Objective of Channel Intermediaries
  • Functions and roles within a Channel

Wholesaling and Retailing :

  • Introduction to Wholesaling and Retailing
  • Strategic Issues in Retailing
  • Strategic Issues in Wholesaling

Evaluating Channels: Cost and Profitability :

  • Understanding Cost Analysis
  • Full Costing vs Segmental Costing: Cost classifications and contribution approach
  • Activity-based costing (ABC)
  • Strategic Profit Model

Franchising and Legal Issues in Marketing Channels:

  • Franchising
  • Channel Policies and Issues

Supply Chain Management :

  • Importance of digital supply chain, logistics and manufacturing
  • Inventory and supply management

Intro to Stats :

  • Data visualisation
  • Univariate analysis
  • Distributions
  • Sampling and Estimation

Hypothesis and Models:

  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Covariance, Correlation and Regression
  • Forecasting

Individual, Group and Organisational Behaviour:

  • Understanding an organisation - vision, mission, structure, hierarchy, roles and stakeholders, Organisational Design in the Digital Age
  • Organisational Culture and Change
  • Conflict and Stress Management
  • Planning and Decision Making
  • Motivation
  • Perception, Power and Influence at Work

Human Resource Management :

  • Talent Management: Manpower planning, Recruitment and selection, Job design and job description
  • Performance Management: Systems and Processes
  • HRM as a business driver and integrating it with business

Business Law and ethics :

  • Contract act and company law
  • Important tender clauses (such as pricing, indemnification)
  • Business Ethics and Corporate social responsibility

Search Engine Marketing :

  • SEM Fundamentals and Ad Rank
  • Campaign Structure and Search Ad Creation
  • Evaluating and Optimising search campaign

Display Marketing :

  • Display Advertising Ecosystem
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • A/B testing, dynamic content optimisation and other techniques

Email Marketing:

  • Understanding Email Marketing
  • Drafting an Email Strategy
  • Building and Managing an Email List
  • Email Automation
  • Email Marketing Analysis and Optimization

Content Marketing :

  • Building a Content Strategy
  • Methodology of Content Marketing
  • Distributing content and analysing performance

Integrated Marketing Strategies:

  • Channel mix and budgeting
  • Media Planning
  • Content design
  • Cost vs Scale Model

Business Strategy Frameworks :

  • BCG Matrix
  • Ansoff Matrix

Economics for Managers:

  • Pricing: Tactical and Strategic
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Valuation


  • Product Launch/ Version Launch Plan
  • Route to Market
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