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Post Graduate Program from IIIT-Bangalore

Upon finishing courses completely, you will be certified by IIIT-B for successful completion of the Post Graduate Program. Become a part of the Data Science community with the PG Alumni status from IIIT-Bangalore.

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Program Fee

Rs. 2,85,000
EMI starts at INR 9,952/- month
(Inclusive of all taxes)
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Course Duration

Mar'19 - Feb'20 11 months

We recommend

10-15 hours per week

Program Syllabus

7 Courses11 Months
  • Languages of Data Science

Learn tools and languages used for data analysis - Excel, SQL, Python & Tableau. These tools will be used throughout the program. You will get content access to learn them even before the course officially begins!

  • Data Preparation

Data that you extract is usually not suitable for analysis right away. You need to clean, polish and prepare it before you start using it.

  • Case Study- Investments

Let's get our hands dirty! Your first Data science Project. Find sectors in which your company should invest based on given parameters.

  • Data Visualization

    Make your data alive with visuals using R and tools like Tableau

  •  Statistics

    Build a solid statistical foundation. This will help you understand data and the results of your analysis.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

    Derive initial insights from the data using Excel. Learn from the best - S. Anand, CEO of Gramener.com 

    Hypothesis Testing

    Understand how to formulate & test hypotheses to solve various business problems

  • Case Study- Uber Supply Demand Gap

    Uber needs your help! Apply the statistical concepts to solve Uber's problem and present your results using engaging Visuals.

  • Linear Regression

     Learn to implement linear regression. Help a digital media company understand why their viewership is falling and propose recommendations to increase viewership.

  • Logistic Regression

    Use Logistic regression to solve a Case Study to predict employee attrition in a firm and help them plan their manpower.

  • Clustering

    Learn how to create segments based on similarities using K-Means and Hierarchical clustering. Use this to create customer segments that can be targeted using different marketing strategies.

  • Principle component analysis

    Learn how to reduce the dimensions of data to make it useful for analysis. Use it to understand how movie recommendations work.

  • Model Selection and Advanced Regression

Learn about advanced regression methods such as Lasso and Ridge and how to benchmark and select the best algorithm for a given dataset and problem statement.

  • Decision Trees

Learn how to make predictions using time-dependent data. Use it forecast energy consumption, stock prices and sales.

  • Support Vector Machines

Use Support Vectors to build an algorithm that can identify hand-written alphabets.

  • Time series*

Learn how to make predictions using time-dependent data. Use it forecast energy consumption, stock prices and sales.

  • Case Study - Telecom Churn

Help a telecom giant predict if a customer will churn or not. Apply multiple algorithms simultaneously to identify the one that works the best.

  •  Hadoop

    Hadoop is a distributed computing framework. Learn how to analyze data with millions of rows quickly using distribute frameworks.

    Hive and Sqoop

    Apache Hive is the query language for Big Data applications. Learn it from the inventor of the language himself- Joydeep Sen Sarma. (Hyperlink- https://yourstory.com/2017/08/techie-tuesdays-joydeep-sen-sarma-qubole-hive-facebook/)

  • Spark

    Apache Spark is lightning fast data processing engine. Use it to analyze millions of Amazon reviews and gain insights from them.

  • Hive - Case study

    Learn about big data architecture like Hadoop, Hive & Scoop and help New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) to analyse trip data

  • Spark - Case study

    Learn about big data analytics using Spark and help New York Police department to visualise vehicle parking data

  • BFS

    Learn Customer analytics and Risk Analytics within BFS

  • E-Commerce

    Learn customer marketing analytics and recommendations engines

  • Health Care

    Understand analytics usage in Healthcare improvement and drug discovery

Build your expertise in one of the largest sectors in the world by taking up a 2-month capstone project.

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